Sitting at home and socializing

No parties, no karaokeevenings, no football matches, no fun at the club, none… the list is long. But that shouldn't spoil the party fun, because there are other ways to get social.

Online is the magic word here. Virtually a lot is possible and allowed. Below you can read some options. Some you may have already put into practice, other ideas may inspire you again. Have fun!

  1. Have you ever heard of the platform "Let's Eat?" The title says it all: eating together, but at a distance. In short: you fill in some details and send the invitation to your 'table guests'. Let's do it!
  2. They are popping up like mushrooms: the online escape rooms. Together and safely you crack all the codes needed to escape. Choose the 360 degree version, go back in time or step into the future. It is extra fun to create a group app and communicate with each other via video calling. Here you will find a list of eight fun online escape rooms.
  3. Do you miss them too? The puppy quizzes? Did you wash stoneware or could you use some training? Now is your chance. Via the website home puppy quiz you just enjoy it from home. And you can have as many friends as you want. Once every two weeks on Thursday there is a new puppy quiz ready for you. Have you already put it in your agenda? And invite the whole school.
  4. Just watching a movie is also just alone. Of teleparty watch Netflix together without sitting on the couch together.
  5. From balcony party, to online drink via Houseparty and from livestream to virtual pub quiz: we also need a party in times of crisis. Partying at home takes some getting used to, but it's also nice! Good for the condition and your mood. Check out the livestream parties via The Market Canteen Or take a look Here you can choose from various livestream parties.
  6. Let's not forget that from today you can visit a terrace again. A maximum of two visitors from different households or several people from the same household may sit per table. Yihaaa!




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