Sit at home and have fun

You're on your break, so you don't drink. Maybe you miss that fun a bit. Full glass, a tasty snack, favorite series on. Hmmm, cozy. You can also have fun without alcohol. But you probably know that. Below are a few tips for inspiration.

Tip 1: The interior

The space you live in does a lot for your state of mind. Warm colours, soft fabrics, plants and mood lighting give you a pleasant feeling. Such a metamorphosis does not have to be expensive at all. Start small and adjust every time. Paint a wall a different color. Choose a beautiful wallpaper. Add a few plants to your interior. Choose wicker, pastel, wood and textiles to create a warm atmosphere. An ottoman or a rug will finish it off.

Tip 2: Set the table completely in style

How nice is it for your family/partner to come home to a house where the table has been set with care. An extra nice meal finishes it off naturally. Maybe tonight you'll finally get that foot massage. Even if you are single, setting the table for yourself is not an exaggeration. Enjoy your moment!

Tip 3: Gourmet on Tuesday

Why not? Life already looks different at the moment, so it's best to have a gourmet meal on Tuesday. Have a nice meal and enjoy each other. With a memory richer, you'll face it again tomorrow.

Tip 4: Do you smell that too?

Scents are very important to people. They evoke memories, make you happy and are very recognizable. Invest in a nice scented candle or take a look at a wonderfully scented houseplant. Speaking of this last category: here you will find twelve fragrant house plants.

Tip: Have a laugh

Want to have a laugh? Check it out here Erna's (Tineke Schouten) lockdown tips: 'Make it cozy at home'.


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