Steps for and with next to nothing

Nightlife and alcohol have been a well-known duo for many years. Nice and loose on the weekend, where the headache is taken for granted the next day. But what if you 'fit' in January; how do you experience your night out? Perhaps very positively, because a lot of advantages come into play with an alcohol-free evening. Check them out here!

Taking a thirty and/or forty day break from alcohol consumption is nothing more than a good month of detoxing. Giving your body the chance to do what it's supposed to do at full power. Optimal functioning, so that you feel comfortable in your own skin. And you know what? The benefits of such an alcohol break are noticeable sooner than you may think at first.

  1. Bye bye headache

How nice is it when you only feel the muscle pain from dancing a lot in the morning and not that throbbing pain in your head? Maximum fun without a nasty tail.

  1. Bring me the money!

Drinks are expensive, especially if you prefer mixed drinks or cocktails to wine and beer. Those few soft drinks you drink – as a thirst quencher – don't make it to the final bill of a (solid) evening. So you have money left over for other fun things.

  1. No drunk texting

Text that one ex that the evening is not complete without him/her, 'tell' your cousin by text message that he sometimes acts like a jerk or finally text your mother-in-law the truth about her new haircut…Awkward….But that's not going to happen to you during the break period. You have your head there.

4. Only Flattering Photos

Look at you looking nice and cheap on all those selfies! That saves an entire afternoon (with a headache) scouring FB and Insta looking for the most unflattering photos from that evening and then delete them with a lousy pace.

5. Leaving at the peak

Jumping home on your bike or taking a taxi at the peak is not the same as 'going home too early'. You danced well, laughed with your friends, chatted with your neighbor: in short, you had a great evening and before everyone can really only hang out on their barstool, you go to your bed and fall asleep with a good feeling.

6. Fun and sober

Such a break shows that you are just as much fun sober as you are after a few drinks. Put on that big smile and shine!

How do you like the sober night out? What benefits do you notice? Or do you have completely different experiences with non-alcoholic nights out?

Let us know in a comment!






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