Quickly feel better about yourself: that's how you do it

Sleep better, less stress and no worries. How nice would it be if you could check all these three benefits? An alcohol break helps you experience these benefits. If things aren't going that fast yet: at Snelbeterinjevel.nl you can follow free training courses to work independently on sleep, worry or stress complaints.

Now that you take a break, you should experience all kinds of benefits. Maybe you're happier, lost a few pounds or a few cents richer. Many participants also sleep better, experience less stress or worry less. If this is not the case for you, then this might be the solution. The Trimbos Institute is the initiator behind this Snelbeterinjevel.nl.

Snelbeterinjevel.nl offers 3 free online training courses to work on sleep, worry and stress complaints. You can follow the training independently, so you will not receive any guidance. A training consists of practical exercises that can help you to reduce your complaint. You choose which exercises you do first, and when you do them.

Types of commands

Answering questions

Listen to a sound clip

Instructions for something you are going to do yourself or with others

You will also find an online diary, to-do list, favorites list and a workbook.

Duration of the workout

4 to 6 weeks

Choose 2 to 4 exercises per week

testing, testing

To find out which training(s) are advisable for you to follow, fill in the self test in. You will receive advice based on the answers. You may be advised to follow several training courses. This is no problem. It is true that some of the same exercises come back in multiple training sessions. You can use your to-do list to see which exercises you are (already) doing. Source: Snelbeterinjevel.nl

Quick fix tips

Feeling better about yourself takes some time and energy. So it's not like you can fix that 'just'. Yet there are a few tips that you can apply quite easily in your life, so that you can quickly take steps. Think of:

  • Accept the situation as it is - you don't feel on top of the world and that's okay.
  • Exercise more – a daily walk does a lot of good for you.
  • Talk about it with your family and friends – or confide in one person.
  • Smile! – watch cat videos or meet up with that one nice friend who has a positive attitude to life.
  • Pamper yourself – a massage, a nice book, a warm bath, drinking your favorite tea, or whatever is a real treat for you.



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