Rules and exceptions

Alcohol is a big part of our culture. Whether you drink or not, you have to deal with it anyway. There are all kinds of rules and of course also all kinds of complex exceptions. Below you will find examples of all kinds of alcohol principles to which some people adhere and others have an exception.

“I never drink before 5 o'clock. Except on Friday, Saturday and Sunday because then it's the weekend. But never before noon, because that is really too early for me. With an exception when I visit a festival or watch my club on Sunday. Of course, Christmas always falls outside these rules, because it is only two days of Christmas a year and then it is possible that something tasty and alcoholic comes along in the morning.”

“Drinking during the week is really a no-go for me. Unless it's my birthday or a party at work, but then I really only drink one. Although: during network drinks they often have that one wine that I like so much, it can happen that I drink two. But after 10 p.m., because of the fatigue, the alcohol always kicks in harder, so after that I only drink chips. Even if you have to toast, unless there is prosecco, it's nice and light, so that's good toasting material."

“I only drink alcohol when I really feel like it. Or when we are with a group and we give rounds. Then I really won't pay for my friends' beers, while all they have to do is buy Coke. And I also drink up especially if there is dancing or karaoke involved. Because that is so difficult sober.”

Do you recognize that? It's actually very simple: follow the advice of the Health Council and take regular breaks to give your body the chance to recover.




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