Cheers! On your prostate.

Alcohol and the prostate. There is a lot to ask and say about it. What does alcohol have to do with prostate cancer? Can you get erection problems thanks to alcohol? And what is the relationship between alcohol and an enlarged prostate? You can read that and more here.

We often just assume that our body is doing its job. But a body is not a machine. Every now and then something goes wrong. The prostate can also suffer. Prostate problems come in many forms. Drinking too much alcohol can hasten or exacerbate these problems.

Alcohol and prostate cancer

Drinking too much alcohol for a long time can promote several types of cancer. Prostate cancer can also be added to that list. It is remarkable that the risk of prostate cancer also increases with low alcohol consumption (with 8%). Drinking three glasses of alcohol per day increases the risk of prostate cancer with 23%.

Prostate cancer is the second largest cancer in men by number of cases. In 2012, 1.1 million new cases were diagnosed worldwide. That was 15% of all new cancer cases. Survival is greater than most other cancers, so prostate cancer ranks fifth in mortality. Source:

Alcohol and erection problems

When you drink too much alcohol as a man, the testosterone level in the blood decreases. Although you can still feel lust with less testosterone, this decrease ensures that you do not get an erection and/or ejaculation. Moderating or not drinking alcohol is always better. But the above problems do not necessarily have to do with alcohol. Difficult urination, impotence, or other conditions can also be caused by age, for example. Consult your doctor if you have any questions.


Alcohol and prostate enlargement

From the age of sixty, men often develop a larger prostate. That is not a cause for alarm and it has nothing to do with cancer. However, an enlarged prostate can cause problems with urination. Alcohol can make these types of prostate symptoms worse, as alcohol can irritate the bladder tissue. This can make urination problems worse. Source:






Comazuipen en bingedrinken

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