Break benefits: waking up refreshed, etc

Now that you're participating in Dry January, you may have some great experiences. There are many benefits to a period without alcohol. You can read which those are here. 

Wake up refreshed

Going to bed and knowing that you will wake up the next morning fit, refreshed, motivated and rested: who wouldn't want that? So in the evening before bedtime don't fiddle with sugar water, painkillers and fried foods (as that would reduce the hangover), but just read a bit or listen to music before falling into a sound deep sleep.

More confidence

Some people get their confidence from alcohol, because alcohol can make you a little sharper, funnier and looser. Until you drink too much and you may become rowdy, pushy or even angry. Not fun and not good for your self-confidence. Being true to yourself, treating your body well, coping with your emotions, eating better, and exercising regularly are all things that can give you an inner confidence that no drink can match.

no regrets

If you slump a lot, you may feel bad about yourself the next morning. Why am I still lying here on the couch and not in my bed? What exactly did I say last night? Have I sent messages to acquaintances or strangers? Those regrets are unpleasant to feel and encourage fear of 'not knowing'. How nice is it that you can remember exactly what you did, what you said and how you experienced the evening?

The post-test among 7079 IkPas participants from 2020 showed the following:

-60% feels physically fitter

-60% feels mentally fitter

-31% loses weight

-55% sleeps better

-49% saves money

-21% gets shiny skin

-26% delivers better sports performance

-14% sees his relationship improving

What do you have to lose?

We'd better ask: what are you going to gain with it? There are so many advantages that this promotion has no losers. No, not even if you accidentally drink an alcoholic drink during your break period. You can read how to deal with this in another newsletter. For now: enjoy all the upcoming benefits!


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