Taking a break because of the fasting period

20 March 2021 / Topical / Background

Traditionally, Ash Wednesday - the day after Carnival - starts the 40-day fasting period. A period of fasting and reflection. Liesbeth (55) consciously opts for an alcohol break during Lent. And likes to take this healthy choice a little further.

“A few moments a year I reset my life. For example after New Year's Eve, during Lent and around my birthday. At those moments I don't drink, I eat healthier and I pay extra attention to the people around me. I'll send cards and make an extra call. To let them know that I think of them and that they are important to me.

I was raised Catholic from home, but very free. My parents also fasted, but they instructed me to eat an extra sandwich. I was a really bad eater as a kid.

I took part in IkPas twice before. I only welcome such an initiative. I especially like the awareness around the sale of alcohol. Alcohol is for sale almost on every street corner. So the temptation is great. Taking a break is fine with me, despite the second lockdown. Which I found a lot more difficult than the first one, because then the sun was shining.

But I don't give up despite dark days and cold. I feel fitter and that is also because I am enjoying sports again. Taking breaks contributes to being comfortable in your own skin. Other factors such as: eating healthier, exercising more and being kind to others make you feel even better.”



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