Break period helps against hay fever

Don't drink milk or coffee and don't eat foods full of refined sugars. The anti-hay fever advice is flying around you, just like the pollen. And if you suffer from hay fever, you try everything. And the following applies: what works for you, works for you. But what works in everyone is to leave the alcohol alone. Your IkPas break is therefore a very good anti-hay fever remedy.

It's summer. Things are blooming. Nice. Sorry about all that pollen in the air. If you suffer from hay fever, this is the time when you can suffer the most. June is a peak month with an extension to July. if you are with #teamhay fever hear, then you may now know very well what to watch out for so as not to walk around all day sneezing and tearing. One will work for you, the other won't. In any case, what works for every hay fever victim is to leave the alcohol alone.

“Because”, says the Belgian ENT doctor Peter Hellings, “About half of the patients with respiratory allergies experience an increase in symptoms when they drink alcohol. This is independent of the allergic inflammatory reaction, but is a result of the hypersensitivity of the airways, whereby alcohol binds to the substances in the airways. We also see this occurring in patients with asthma and chronic sinusitis, with half of the patients experiencing more complaints when they drink alcohol. The allergic reaction makes the airways more sensitive to changes in temperature, humidity or more spicy food.” Source:

Vaseline in your nose and a mandatory beach visit

In addition to pausing, there are other things you can do or not do to counteract the worst complaints. Have you ever used these tips?

Lubricate Vaseline

Put some petroleum jelly on the inside of your nose and eyes. The pollen will stick to it, making it less irritating.

Off to the beach

There is less pollen in the air on the beach. So are you done with that sniffling? Vamos al la playa!

Rub no, a washcloth yes!

Whatever you do, don't rub your eyes with your hands. Because there can be pollen on your hands. And it is precisely that pollen that should be kept as far away from your eyes as possible. Rather put a wet and cold washcloth on your eyes.




Comazuipen en bingedrinken

Jongeren die veel alcohol drinken om zo snel mogelijk dronken te worden. Dit wordt comazuipen, ook wel bingedrinken genoemd. Een gevaarlijk tijdverdrijf. Hier lees je wat er precies misgaat in…
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