Moderate drinking is also bad for the brain

New British research shows that every glass of alcohol is bad for your brain. So if you love your brain, you don't drink a drop.

The University of Oxford conducted the study. 25,000 Britons took part in the study. The most important result of the research is that moderate drinking is also bad for the brain. Carmen Voogt, Expertise Center for Alcohol at the Trimbos Institute, indicates that the research has not yet been published in a scientific journal, but that it looks reliable and is a study that we should keep an eye on.

Damage with moderate use

Previous studies have already shown that excessive use can damage health. This British study shows that moderate alcohol consumption also has an effect on the structure of the brain. It affects the quality of the so-called 'grey matter' in the brain, which has the function of processing information. “The more alcohol you drink per week, the smaller the volume of that gray matter becomes,” says Carmen.

Alcohol also appears to affect the 'white matter' of the brain. This contains the extensions of nerve cells, and is in fact 'the wiring' of the brain. Carmen: "If the quality of this decreases, you will function less cognitively."

How about red wine?

Another persistent belief that red wine is healthier to drink than other types of alcohol has once again not been proven in this study. This study found no evidence that drinking red wine has any health benefits compared to beer or spirits. The Health Council of the Netherlands advises people not to drink and otherwise a maximum of one glass of alcohol per day.

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