Sober socializing during the lockdown

Being in lockdown is one thing, but doing this completely sober is another. Getting social with (sober) like-minded people is difficult during this health crisis, but not impossible. Below you can read how you can add a social touch to your sober lockdown.

Become a Zoom socialiser

A what? A Zoom socialiser, yes. A lot is possible online. So if you want to make new down-to-earth friends and find a supportive community without having to set foot outside your living room, now is the time to do it. Think of alcohol-free online meet-ups where you meet people like you who also temporarily do not drink alcohol. Check out these Instagram accounts to find online meetups:


Are you curious about the ups and downs of consciously sober celebrities? Have a look at:



The accounts below are large in England and therefore in English, but no less fun for that.






Take a walking buddy

Lockdown or no lockdown, you can meet one person outside. Make the most of your fresh air and meet a down-to-earth friend to walk and talk with. Make it a weekly walk, good for exercise and the sober spirit.

Get your non-alcoholic treats in order

Work on your stock and be prepared for different occasions. Maybe you want to order some fancy tea for your morning meetings, some non-alcoholic beer for your online socials or how about some non-alcoholic drinks for a real (online) party in the evening? check for the best tea and visit our recipe page for the best alternative drinks.

Where is that party? In your living room!

From balcony party, to online drink via Houseparty and from livestream to virtual pub quiz: we also need a party in times of crisis. Partying at home takes some getting used to, but it's also nice! Good for the condition and your mood. Check out the livestream parties via The Market Canteen for instance. Or take a look Here you can choose from various livestream parties.



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