Nothing for May, cut down in June?

June is upon us. Maybe you extend your break or open a bottle of wine or a beer as usual. Do you have a mission to cut down or to stop? We come with tips.

You can't use what you don't have at home

A bargain, but you can't drink what you don't have in the way of alcohol. Resist the temptations and offers in the supermarket and look for tasty non-alcoholic alternatives.

Make it small

'I'm never going to drink again!', is quite a statement. And maybe not equally feasible for everyone. It's good to set a goal if you're serious about cutting back on your alcohol consumption, but make this goal smaller. For example, consider goals/agreements such as:

  • When I drink, I drink a maximum of one glass per day.
  • I only drink (moderately) alcohol on weekends.
  • I only drink (moderately) when I'm at a party.
  • I drink a glass of water/soda after every alcoholic drink.
  • Every 3 months I have a one month alcohol break.

Spread the word

If possible, tell your family and friends that you are drinking less/not at all. This way a host or hostess can take your preferences into account. Or you can bring your own non-alcoholic favorite drink. At a party, you order your drink yourself and blend in with the crowd. No one realizes that you are drinking your umpteenth soft drink.

That should be celebrated

Not drunk for a week? Got through a festival sober? Been out for dinner without drinking a drop of alcohol? Have you gone through life alcohol-free for a month? Every (in your eyes) milestone can be celebrated. Set yourself a reward (from a new book to a trip to the zoo or whatever you find a real treat) to keep you motivated.



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