Don't succumb to appetite? Predict your pitfalls!

Research into New Year's resolutions shows that most resolutions fail after twelve days. And because IkPas doesn't last twelve days, but the entire month of January, keeping up with this challenge is quite a challenge for a reason…indeed: challenge. Fortunately, there are several ways to arm yourself against the difficult moments. For example, by predicting your pitfall moments.

Twelve days, that's how long people in 2018, according to a large-scale study of a sports app, kept their good intentions full (source: In this case it was about good intentions in the field of sports. The research shows what we all secretly already know: maintaining new behavior for a longer period of time is not always easy. That is why you will regularly read tips in this newsletter that will help you overcome mental hurdles during your IkPas adventure. This time psychologist, therapist and coach Carien Karsten shares her tip about predicting and tackle of your 'pitfall moments'.

What are your pitfalls?

Good preparation is half the job. That is the basic idea behind this tip from Carien. “When people have a good resolution, they often start it full of enthusiasm. The good feeling that being healthy gives you means that the new behavior can be maintained for at least a week. But once the initial euphoria fades, it gets harder. Do you want to avoid going for the ax in a 'weak' moment? Then it is a good idea to predict times when you can fall back in advance. Think for yourself when you normally think that you have 'deserved' an alcoholic drink. Ten to one, these are times when you are tired, frustrated, or in a bad mood. List these trigger moments for yourself.”

Distract yourself and don't ban

If you think about it for a while, you can probably name a number of risk moments. Carien: “For each pitfall moment, think about what you are going to do at that moment. So think in advance what distraction you are going to look for. Are you tired? For example, agree to take a bath first. Are you feeling frustrated or moody? Then go do something fun or think in advance who you are going to call. In the meantime, give yourself permission to drink your drink if you still feel like that drink after your distraction activity. That way you put less pressure on yourself.

In addition, in many cases you will notice that your craving for alcohol has disappeared by itself during your distraction. Do you still have an undiminished appetite and can't resist the temptation? Then if you do drink a drink: nothing is lost yet. Just pick up the thread of your challenge again. Drinking alcohol is so intertwined in our daily lives that it takes some time to get out of your system. Drinking one drink does not have to mean that your IkPas adventure has not been successful.”

What are your pitfalls? Share them with other IkPas participants on the IkPas forum.





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