Saying no to alcohol during the holidays

15 Dec 2021 / Topical / Background

With the most festive days of the year just around the corner, the pressure may be mounting. Because alcohol is part of atmosphere & fun. Even if we can only celebrate small this year. But when you take a break, you don't drink alcohol. How do you say 'no' to alcoholic drinks and still keep it cozy?

Tip 1: Seek support

To avoid feeling embarrassed during the Christmas dinner, it is wise to at least tell your partner/friend/parent/sister, or whoever you spend the holidays with, about your alcohol break. This confidant can support you when someone offers you a drink.

Tip 2: Tell everyone

Do not inform just one person, but share it with the whole 'group', however small it may be. If everyone knows about your break then it is also clear to everyone. No alcohol for you this time.

Tip 3: Share your motifs

If you feel the need to, tell them why you are temporarily not drinking. That's okay. Nothing to be ashamed of. If you find that difficult because things are sensitive, then a good 'excuse' will also suffice.

-Don't feel like a headache

-Can't handle it anymore

- Have a nice workout tomorrow

-Busy week


Well remembered

That you temporarily don't want to drink is not something you have to hide. It is actually something to be proud of. What a healthy choice of you. In addition, family and friends support each other, if all goes well, through thick and thin. It would be weird if a loved one forces you to do something you don't want. And luckily there is more than alcohol that binds you.

Enough options

Opinions are divided about the fact that nothing can beat an alcoholic thirst quencher. You can also find that bite and kick that you appreciate so much in other (non-alcoholic) drinks.

How about for example:

-Tomato juice with basil / And a dash of Tabasco of course / check recipe

-Homemade elderflower lemonade / Completely vegetable / Check recipe

-Frappé with orange / Coffee with a kick and bite / Check recipe

If you need more recipes check our recipe page then once.


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