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When some people look a little too deeply into the glass, their nose changes color. Such a red or purple nose is also called a 'drink nose'. In other words: rhinophyma. You can read here how that is the case.

A red or purple nose is of course not life-threatening. But it is annoying. A nose can take on a red or purple color when alcohol is drunk. Alcohol widens blood vessels, making them easier to see. The dilated blood vessels in your skin cause heat and a red face.

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But we can't put all the blame on the alcohol. The redness of the nose is often caused by a skin disease, such as rosacea or rosacea. Such a skin disease also dilates the blood vessels. Alcohol adds to that even more.

What is rosacea and what is rosacea?

Couperosis is characterized by dilated red and blue veins in the face. We also see these symptoms in rosacea, but also other symptoms such as red bumps, pus heads and swellings. The skin of rosacea is often quite stable, while with rosacea the skin can sometimes flare up suddenly, making it difficult to control. Source: velthuiskliniek.nl and skin doctor.com.

Brief summary

A 'drink nose' is not necessarily caused by drinking alcohol. Such a red or purple nose is a form of a skin disease. It is true that superficial red veins in your face can widen by drinking alcohol.

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Maybe you don't suffer from a red nose, but you do suffer from a stuffy nose after drinking alcohol. Then you could be suffering from an alcohol intolerance. After drinking alcohol, an allergic reaction occurs in the form of a sneeze, tearful eyes or a stuffy nose. What is the best thing to do then? Order tea instead of wine and water instead of beer. Well…







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