Long pausers speak

Pieter has been sleeping well since his break and Nicolette does not drink alcohol because of the medicines she is taking. And both will be hitting the 'dry run' six months in a week's time. You can read their experiences here.

Pieter (54) had been drinking wine in the evenings for years. More and more often he suffered from bad nights and anxious feelings. An IkPas poster calling for participation in Dry January aroused his curiosity. So, after the holidays in the month of December, he decided to stop drinking alcohol. And then suddenly it was almost June.

“I started to get more and more troubled by that wine. I slept badly and felt anxious. Not a pleasant thing. Pretty soon after my alcohol break started, I noticed a difference. I slept better, didn't suffer from anxious feelings anymore, didn't have annoying dreams, woke up fit and had more energy. I still experience these benefits. That is also the reason that a month has always been added.

Tip from Pieter: “Since I no longer drink alcohol in the evening, I have found an alternative nightcap. Before going to bed, I drink a cup of soy milk with two anise cubes in it. So I sleep like a rose on that.”

Having to drink alcohol is completely gone for me. I don't need it anymore. Although I did have a beer a few days ago, because it's vacation. And you know what? I felt it immediately and left it at one. I have been exercising regularly for about 3 years and now that I don't drink alcohol, I notice that exercising is even easier for me. I also deliberately avoid alcohol. And what also helps? Read the e-mails from IkPas with information about the influence of alcohol on physical and mental health. In addition, the emails are just nice to start the day with, because they are full of facts and tips regarding -temporarily- quitting alcohol.”

Nicolette (62) has already participated in IkPas before, but is now taking a break for so long for the first time. Taking medication is her biggest motivation to not drink alcohol for a long time.

“I suffer from depression and I take medication for that. It is very unwise to drink alcohol in combination with these drugs. Dry January went well for me, but February was a difficult month for me. In the meantime I have stopped drinking alcohol for almost half a year and as long as I have to continue taking my medication, I will not drink.

Although I don't drink now, I never say never. I really enjoy a glass of wine. I also think that if I stop taking the medication, I will drink a glass of alcohol again. Also because I don't notice any other benefits of not drinking alcohol. Although there is one advantage, by the way, since I don't drink, my husband also drinks less. He (sub)consciously takes into account the fact that we don't drink together.



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