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24 May 2022 / Topical / Background

Phinus has been what you would call a heavy drinker. He started young, worked hard and became increasingly dependent on alcohol. His turning point was his son-in-law. He also drank too much and he recognized his own drinking behavior in his son-in-law's alcohol pattern. He didn't want that kind of life anymore.

“When I was 12 years old, I worked at a company where they had no drinking water. So I got beer there. My father drank a lot, my grandmother was the daughter of a bar owner…alcohol had been part of my life from an early age. I have worked in horticulture. Long days, up early, home around dinner and then on to my second job. Around dinner I had a few drinks and then a few more when I got home. The Friday afternoon drinks were also solid. I often had already had half a liter of jenever before the drink had started. To drink the other half of the bottle during the drink. And work again the next day.

I have tried to cut down or stop more than once. I have also often managed to drink less for long periods of time. At least that's what I thought. What I did then was not drink a drop of alcohol for 6 days and then completely let loose on day 7. Then you still have an alcohol problem of course.

Last year the button really turned. I was confronted with my son-in-law's alcohol problem and it was like looking in the mirror. I no longer wanted to live my life that way. I signed up for IkPas again -I've already participated a number of times- and so far I haven't had a drop to drink.

There are many benefits to discover if you stop drinking. At least, I experience many benefits. My liver was a one side set up. It has shrunk and is back to its normal shape. I sleep better, am 5 kilos lighter, keep more money in my pocket and another advantage for me as a motorcyclist: I can take the bike whenever I want. Before, I did everything by bike, because I didn't do anything with a sip behind the wheel.

Tip from Phinus: “Find another way to relax. For me that is sports and motorcycling. And keep a steady rhythm. I start the day with a 10 kilometer run.”

How do I find my relaxation now? I used to drink to keep up with my work. To keep going. In addition, I have always exercised. But that sports now happens on a daily basis. I run 10 km every morning and cycle about 50 km every day. I've never been tested for it, but I suspect I have ADHD. So I also need that movement, that 'being on the move'. The weird thing is that since I stopped drinking I've calmed down a bit. Alcohol was a trigger for my ADHD.

I dare to say of myself that I should never start with alcohol again. I feel so great not drinking that I really don't want to anymore. However, it can still come over me at the craziest moments, the thought of a drink. For example, while running. I suddenly think of a good whiskey. Weird how your brain works, isn't it?"


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