King's Day becomes Housing Day

The King's birthday is next Monday, April 27. We are not telling anything new when we say that King's Day is canceled this year. Fortunately, a lot of nice ideas and initiatives have now arisen to reflect on the 53ste birthday of the king. We have listed them for you and have also compiled an additional list of activities that you can do if you skip the holiday this year.

You want to celebrate King's Day. What is there to do?

-Since last Wednesday 22 April you can share your King's Day activity on† Next Monday, April 27, you can watch videos all day long of compatriots trying to make it a festive day in their own way.

-Raise the flag on April 27. For the king's birthday, for healthcare staff, for teachers and for everyone who is committed to society.

-Churches are asked to ring the bells between 09:45 and 10:00: as a sign of connection, joy and sorrow. If you don't live in a church then you don't have to do anything ;)

-A special broadcast will follow on television at 10.00 in which the Concertgebouw Orchestra will play the Wilhelmus.

-Join the digital clothing market. The free market on the internet will be kicked off from 12.00.

-Let your (grand)child(ren) write a digital letter to the king. The king will receive it in the afternoon.

- Join the home toast. On April 27th at 4 pm we will raise the (non-alcoholic?) glass en masse to toast the king's birthday.

If you are not such a King's Day lover, do you not like the color orange or are you not into national parties anyway? Then there will be enough activities left that will make this Monday April 27 a great day. What did you think about:

-A hole in the day Netflixing?

-Buying shares? This may be the time to buy stocks. Read the book: Blondes Invest Better and make your move!

- Crafting a diorama with perspective, lights, mirrors, doors: making a diorama 2.0. How about a zoo where you can see the diorama from the lion's cage? Or a circus diorama where you peek between the tent cloths and see the circus artists practicing?

-Make and freeze your favorite dishes. You don't have to cook anymore. Three times hurray!

-Watch all the James Bond movies or have a The Godfather part I, II and III marathon?

-Fill up your Spotify lists?

-Build a house of cards?

- Take an extra nap?

-Send cards to lonely elderly people, write letters to relatives or schedule a round of video calling?

Tips from IkPassers

Following the anti-boredom tips last Friday, we received messages from IkPassers who told us what they do in this corona time to enjoy themselves.

Miranda de Vree pointed out to us that many of our tips are focused on consumption. And that this is precisely the time to work on a better version of yourself and to make the world a better place. And she is absolutely right about that. Below are Miranda's tips.

Sports via youtube:

Popsugar Fitness provides online workouts. YouTube is bursting with both short and long, intensive and less intensive online workouts.

Vegan cooking:

Make a better world and get active online:

Help the elderly and walk their dog:

Rudo van Zanten also gets through his days:

“I have become extremely creative from sitting at home. Programming a lot of Exel stuff, extensive bathing, scrubbing, good cooking: just doing the things you don't get to in your normal hectic life. I'm not bored and my house has never looked so neat.”

Wash your hands extra and well, keep one and a half meters away and bleib zu Hause, restez à la maison, stay home. Happy King's Day!








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