Get in the mood without alcohol 

You may spend time with your partner at a fixed time of the week or just when it suits you. Often a glass or something is involved. Before you know it, the bottle is empty and you end up in the bedroom for some old-fashioned fireworks. Does this sound like a familiar scenario to you? Then you are not alone.

 The alcohol break as a booster

Alcohol is more often the prelude to sex. Just clear your head, get some sense; it just seems easier with alcohol. But now you participate in IkPas. Does that mean you can forget about a sex life this month? Of course not! The tips below will also help you get in the mood without alcohol. In fact, quitting alcohol is ultimately the best boost for your sex life!

Alcohol: Sense Maker or Not?

At first glance, alcohol and sex seem like an ideal combination. Thanks to the numbing effect of alcohol on your brain, you feel fewer inhibitions. You can also leave the stress of a long day behind you more easily, leaving more room for sex. A small amount of alcohol also increases the testosterone level in women. This hormone ensures that you as a woman feel more like sex and that an orgasm can be more intense. Even as a man you can get more sex drive after a drink. Although alcohol has a lowering effect on the testosterone level in men, which makes ejaculation more difficult.

Nevertheless, alcohol is ultimately a real mood killer: with excessive and prolonged alcohol consumption, both women and men lose their sex drive. The intensity of the orgasm of women can also decrease considerably and men more often suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Would you rather keep your sex life alive now and in the long run? Then these tips will help you get in the mood.

Find new ways to relax

Alcohol is often used as a way to relax. And let that be an important condition for the chance of a good lovemaking. Fortunately, there are also other ways to put yourself in a relaxed state of mind, such as: the massage!

A massage has several pleasant effects. For example, your body produces the hormones endorphins and oxytocin during a massage. These hormones increase your feeling of happiness and act as stress inhibitors. In addition to this mental effect, there is of course the physical relaxation. In addition, a massage stimulates the functioning of your lymphatic vessels, so that waste products are removed from your body more quickly. Another advantage: a massage loosens the muscles. In view of the intended effort, this is a handy side effect.

Kissing and caressing

An extensive kissing and caressing session is an extension of the massage. When was the last time you actually worked on that? Be sure that there are still new erogenous zones to discover! The advantage of a sober evening: you don't have to sit downstairs until that bottle of wine is empty. So what's stopping you from getting into bed extra early? That means more time for sex, while retaining the much-needed hours of sleep. Win win!

Try something new

Looking for ways to relax in the mood? Explore together what works for you. After that delicious dinner for two, put on some relaxed music, light some scented candles and take a bath or shower together. Or try something new and read the other person a (re)exciting story, for example. When you do not drink alcohol for a while, you will notice that you will feel fitter and therefore have more energy to be creative even after a busy day.

More comfortable in your own skin? Makes sense!

As we mentioned earlier, many IkPas participants say they feel fitter after a period of not drinking. Other benefits of quitting alcohol are that you can lose weight, get a more radiant skin and have less chance of bad breath. These are all factors that make you feel better, relax better and surrender more easily to some serious love making.









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