How do you avoid drinking too much?

Now that you're on a break, you catch up with friends while you sip a tea, coffee or a soft drink, but what if your break is over? How do you keep it cozy and tidy? We give tips!

Tip 1 Make appointments with yourself

The Health Council advises not to drink and if you do want to do so, limit yourself to one glass of alcohol per day. That can be a challenge, but it is good to make clear agreements with yourself. How about the rule: no during the week and yes on the weekend? Small side note: this rule is of no use if you drink a lot in your collar every weekend. Men are officially considered 'heavy drinkers' if they drink more than six glasses of alcohol once a week. Women are labeled as 'heavy drinkers' if they drink four or more glasses of alcohol in one day.

As a variant of the appointment rule, you could agree with yourself that you drink little or nothing during exam periods or periods in which you have to study hard. To reward yourself, order your favorite food after completing your final exam. Or give yourself those nice shoes, new game or cool sunglasses.

Tip 2 Alternate alcohol with something non-alcoholic

Just filling up with beer or wine has the particularly annoying side effect that you slowly become dehydrated. Drinking more often means urinating more often, resulting in a chronic fluid deficiency. This pays off in a big hangover. Alternating your beer or wine with water or a soft drink ensures that your body retains sufficient moisture. That makes a big difference in the hangover the next day.

Tip 3 Find a buddy and inform your surroundings

Alone is also only alone. Sometimes you can use a helping hand or a pep talk. It is also nice if you can go to someone if you notice that you find it difficult to keep the cork on the bottle. Hire a buddy. Ask him or her stand-by to stand when you have a difficult day, have a difficult exam ahead of you or have something fun in the agenda. Your environment can take into account you and your preference for non-alcoholic thirst quenchers because of your confidence - IkPas this month.




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