How do you get through all those parties fresh and sober?

There are those parties or events where you feel like you 'have to' drink. Think of New Year's receptions, weddings, network drinks or important birthdays. The social pressure at that moment is so great that it is difficult for you to say 'no'. Or you yourself assume that enjoying these kinds of occasions is negatively affected if you don't drink. Here you can read how to get through festive highlights and other festivities sober and cozy.

Having a party without alcohol can be scary for many people. Because without a drink you are, you think, slightly less outspoken, you lack the confidence to have a chat with a stranger, you feel somewhat isolated or intimidated by the open bar that beckons you. All normal feelings. Annoying to feel these, but luckily you can prepare for these kinds of moments. Here's what you can do:

  1. Prepare yourself

Before you go to a party or a business event, which you want to spend sober and fresh, it is important to get into a positive mindset. How you get there depends on your own needs. Maybe taking a bath will help? Going for a five-mile run? A short breathing exercise? Having your own routine is important in these cases. Try a few things and see what works for you!

  1. Spread the word

Tell the host/hostess or organizer of the event (the people it's most relevant to) that you're in the middle of a break. This helps him or her, because it can also think about non-alcoholic options, so you don't end up empty-handed.

  1. Enjoy the moment

Not having to worry about your empty glass and being focused on your best friend's party, business dinner or sister's wedding is a refreshing experience. Not only do you have conversations with people, you also really hear what they say. That can yield interesting insights.

  1. Have a standby buddy

If you are having a hard time during an event or party, you can arrange with (a sober) someone 'from outside' that you can call him or her when you need some support. A buddy can give you just that little bit of courage from a distance that you need.

  1. Don't be afraid to leave

If you no longer enjoy the party or event, just leave. With a sip you often stay longer in the hope that it will still be fun, but with a fresh head you know when it's time. Listen to your gut and your mind.

Social situations can be challenging when you're not drinking, but with the right preparation, that mountain gets a lot smaller. These tips will help you socialize confidently without alcohol. Good luck!

Which preparation tip do you like to keep on hand?

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