How do you save money as a student?

Most students are not well off. Especially when you're not living away from home, it's not a fat pot. Of course, when you visit your parental home, you loot the pantry and eat together with roommates to cut costs, but there are many more ways to save.

  1. List your expenses

Random debit card payments and hope that the text 'insufficient balance' does not appear on the card machine is also a tactic, but not a great one. It is better to make clear what your income is and what you spend weekly. This way you can immediately see whether you are spending (too) much money on impulse purchases. on create a digital overview in a few clicks.

  1. Stop impulse buying

Going into town with no purpose and just buy new shoes or buy food and drink everywhere because you are hungry and thirsty are not the smartest of expenses. Buy only what you need and always have a bottle of water and a snack with you. Saves money again.

  1. Find a nice student association

It's a bit lukewarm now (thanks corona) but later you can enjoy your student association again. Such an association is good for social contacts and a night out at your student association is much cheaper than drinking in the city.

  1. Go for vintage

Second hand is hot. And sustainable. And cheap. You can buy a lot of stuff for a small amount or you can even pick up for free. Check Marktplaats, use Vinted or, if you can and may, dive into the second-hand shops later.

  1. make it yourself

Many things that cost money you can (quite) easily make yourself. For example, think of detergent. Expensive to buy and easy to make yourself. Check the 'recipe' here† In addition to detergent, there are also homemade tips for peanut butter, mouthwash, gifts, body scrub, deodorant… curious about these DIYs? check




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