Alcohol is good for this

14 May 2023 / Topical / Background

You don't hear us say that alcohol is 'only bad'. Yes, as a drink to drink but not to clean or disinfect with; ) In the situations below you are happy that alcohol exists.

Situation 1: dirty windows

One day you look outside and you don't like what you see. You see streaks, fingerprints and dirt on your windows. Behind it is that beautiful (front) garden or that cozy balcony, but you don't enjoy it that way. Time for a cleaning. Mix half a cup of (pure) pure alcohol with half a cup of water and a tablespoon of vinegar. Grab your chamois and tractor and chamois. Then look out the window all day long. PS: mirrors also recover from this.

Situation 2: the tick

You wouldn't say it with the weather so far, but summer is coming. We love that. Also appreciate ticks this season. In this (sunny) season you have to be extra alert for ticks. In the unlikely event that one (literally) sticks to you, remove it as soon as possible using special drawing tweezers. After removing the tick, disinfect the wound with alcohol (70 percent) or with iodine.

Situation 3: Inflamed earring hole

Nice earrings. Except when things get inflamed with pain, swelling and pus formation as a result. The cure? Dab the hole with alcohol a few times a day. Alcohol sterilizes things and the inflammation quickly decreases.

Situation 4: Stain on your fabric sofa

A house, you have to live in it. Still, it sucks when an ugly stain mars your fabric sofa. Instead of water, use pure alcohol. Alcohol evaporates and therefore leaves no stains. Apply with a clean cloth and gently wipe over the stain. That's a lot better!

Situation 5: gel and hair spray stains

Do you model your hair in the morning using the necessary gel and / or hair spray? There is a good chance that your comb or brush will stick quite a bit over time. The solution is simple. Brushes can be soaked in a 50/50 ratio and other stains can be removed with a clean cloth and some alcohol.



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