Help! I've been drinking...

During your break period you will find yourself in sufficient situations in which it is tempting to drink an alcoholic drink. And sometimes it can even happen that you forget that you have made an appointment with yourself. Before you know it, you'll be tasting the familiar taste of alcohol. You have sinned! You have failed! But how bad is that really?

Just to reassure you right away: making a mistake once looks worse than it is. Of course it's a shame and yes, we understand that you are somewhat disappointed in yourself. But it's not a disaster. Don't think that all is lost and that the entire intermission period is a flop. Check for yourself why you couldn't resist the temptation and make a new commitment with yourself to go for it. Perhaps the next reminders help you with the further continuation of your break period.

Increasing the chance of success

To make your break period a successful break, it is important to prepare yourself for difficult moments. For example, think about what you will drink instead of alcohol. Inform others about your break period. Or find out, before going somewhere that serves alcohol, or another non-drinker going to the party or event in question. Together you are stronger. Have an answer ready if someone does offer you an alcoholic drink. Wear your IkPas button or wristband, for example. Are you having a hard time at a party/drink/event? Ask someone in your area in advance to be on standby by phone, so that you can call him or her when you have a difficult moment.

Resist the temptation at home

You can't drink alcohol if you don't have it at home. If you don't buy it, you won't be tempted. Are you having a party at home in January? Of course you can serve alcohol as a host or hostess, give the open and closed bottles to the visit afterwards.

And then this

Know that the craving for alcohol does not last more than half an hour. If you feel the desire coming on, provide a distraction. Go outside, take a bath, play a game with your kids; anything that prevents you from pouring a glass of alcohol or opening a bottle. Stay positive and regularly express that you are proud of yourself. Because you can be!

From mistake to relapse

Anyone can make a mistake. It's only annoying if you've made a mistake more than once. If you have more frequent moments when you drink, then we talk about a relapse. And a relapse has a cause. Try to figure out why you are still drinking alcohol. And more importantly, talk about it with someone you trust. You can also contact one of our IkPas coaches or call the alcohol information line.

Have you managed to resist all temptations so far? And what do you do when you are having a hard time?

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