Do you already know the Maxx App?

Maintaining an alcohol break takes most people quite a bit of effort. Breaking a habit isn't easy. A buddy or a newsletter can help you stay motivated. And there is an app. The Maxx App.

The Maxx App was created by the Trimbos Institute. The app was made with funding from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS). The Trimbos Institute is committed to improving mental health and to (preventing) the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs to improve the quality of life.

Helping hand

The Maxx App is an app especially for people who want to drink less or no alcohol. The app is completely free and can be of great help when preparing for situations in which you find it difficult not to drink (too much) and to stick to your 'max'.

This is how Maxx works

With the help of a log you gain insight into your alcohol consumption and thanks to setting goals you know which limits you want to monitor. You keep your head fresh and clear through tips, messages, exercises, tests and motivation cards.

For whom?

Are you ready for an alcohol break of a month or longer? Or are you thinking about giving up alcohol altogether? Then the Maxx App can help you with this in an accessible way.

For whom NOT?

Reducing or stopping when you are used to a regular (large) dose of alcohol can lead to (severe) withdrawal symptoms. When experiencing (severe) withdrawal symptoms, you need professional help. For example, from a general practitioner or institution for addiction care. In this case, the Maxx App is not suitable to use.

Download the Maxx App here for iOS

Download the Maxx App here for android




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