Enjoy an alcohol-free Friday afternoon drink

For many companies it is a fixed point to start the weekend with a drink on Friday. Incidentally, that 'vrijmibo' may also have become a 'domibo'. But whether you end the week on Thursday or on Friday, you can also enjoy this 'drink' as a pauser.

Before we come up with tips 'how to enjoy an alcohol-free Friday afternoon drink', first an explanation of the name(s). The term 'vrijmibo' is known to almost everyone. Yet we increasingly speak of a 'domibo' (Thursday afternoon drink). This has everything to do with the growing number of part-timers, freelancers and homeworkers. These workers choose to extend their weekend by not working on Fridays or by working from home. And because toasting together is more fun than with half the office, the drink has been brought forward by a day.

No matter what day the 'we-close-the-week-and-ring-the-weekend-in-drinks' takes place, you do not take a break and do not drink alcohol. How do you deal with such a four moment?

Become the go-getter

A Friday afternoon drink or domibo (short: mibo) 'belongs' to alcohol. The fridge will therefore be stocked with enough beer and wine. Perhaps there is also a soda available. But if you want to make sure that non-drinkers are also considered, join the 'drinks committee'. This way you ensure that non-drinkers are also well taken care of. That means tasty snacks and plenty of choice of non-alcoholic alternatives. For example, pour every drink into a nice glass. It doesn't matter if it contains alcohol or not. Then add a sprig of mint or cranberries, cucumber strings or fruit pieces. After all, the eye also wants something.

The icing on the cake

Having a drink and catching up is fun, but the focus is on the drinking. Because a mibo is mainly about fun, it might be an idea to link an activity to this get-together. As a 'drinks committee member', this is your chance to organize the mibo differently. Some music (with disco lights?), a quiz or a karaoke afternoon is something else!

So many benefits

Are you not a go-kart driver? And don't you actually like karaoke at all? No problem. Then you just stick to it and enjoy all the benefits:

  • You are yourself during the drink.
  • Don't blurt out anything embarrassing because you feel "nice and loose."
  • Doesn't hang tipsy around the neck of a colleague or manager.
  • Drive yourself home.
  • Have you had a dumbo? You start your last working day of the week fresh and fruity.
  • After your Friday afternoon drinks, you don't turn your hand on Saturday to get the groceries, walk the dog, play football with your child and visit the (in-law) parents.


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