Boost your resistance

A deteriorated resistance makes you more susceptible to colds and flu symptoms. There's nothing you can do about it, you might think. Anyway! Because did you know that during the break period your resistance gets a big boost?

That boost has everything to do with a well-functioning immune system. During your break period, your body makes more white blood cells, which you need to fight off viruses and bacteria. In combination with a good night's sleep, your immune system performs optimally this month!

Tips for improving your resistance

In addition to drinking the right fluids (one and a half to two liters a day, such as water, tea, fruit juices, soup) there are other things where 'resistance gain' can be achieved.

  1. Healthy and responsible food

To keep your immune system in good shape, it is recommended to eat regularly, varied, not too fat and not too salty. Get plenty of fiber, plenty of fruit (two pieces a day) and fresh vegetables (two ounces a day).

  1. Positive lifestyle

Regularity contributes to optimal resistance. Sufficient sleep is an important pillar. It is recommended eight hours a night, but the need for sleep varies per person. A good night's sleep ensures that your body has time to recover and that you wake up the next day with a smile. Win win!

  1. Sports and exercise

People between the ages of 18 and as long as it's still possible are advised to exercise for half an hour of moderately intensive exercise at least five days a week. Now that you are more dependent on home, you can exercise in the garden. Exercising in the open air is not only good for improving the resistance, but also gives a mental boost.

  1. Nice and clean

Pathogens hide in dirt. Washing your hands regularly, taking a fresh shower and brushing your teeth ensures that you are less likely to come into contact with pathogens.



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