Eat and drink warm

Now that the temperature is dropping further and further, you can feel that we are heading towards winter. Not bad, because those lights, those holidays, those cozy evenings you wouldn't want to miss them. What most can do without is the cold. But there is something that can be done about that. You can dress warmly, and you can eat and drink warmly. Here are our tips.

Your hot food & drink. That is nice. But what exactly? It seems to be the case that whole grain products and complex carbohydrates (such as potatoes and lentils, for example) have a warming (thermogenic) effect. That makes stew the ideal meal to warm you up. Kale, pumpkin, parsnip and sweet potato are the perfect ingredients for this. And let those products dominate the shelves of the supermarket in the winter.

Getting warm from the alcohol…

Or rather: you don't get warm from the alcohol. Because the fact that drinking alcohol warms you up inside is not correct. Alcohol numbs, causing your body to relax more. This causes your blood vessels to constrict less. This way, your warm blood is more easily pushed to your skin. The result? Flushing cheeks and a glowing sensation. A pleasant, but deceptive effect.

Deceptive, why?

Deceptive, because thanks to this entrainment you lose body heat faster to the cold outside air. And because alcohol is anesthetic, the cold signals no longer reach the brain. Because of the alcohol, the body reacts differently to cold and does not start with shivering or chattering teeth. In short: your body cools down faster, without you actually feeling it. Alcohol and cold is therefore far from a good combination.

Healthy warm holders

And now? Fortunately, there are also healthy ways - no fakers - to get and keep your body warm. We have listed a number of 'second best' options for you here.

-Eat a plate of warm food (so a stew for example), this will increase the core temperature.

-The digestion process also makes your body warmer.

- Drink a cup of hot chocolate.

-Eat some soup.

- Make a big pot of tea.

-Creep on the couch close to your sweetheart.

With all the above scenarios you can think of a blanket, pillow, house suit and favorite Netflix series. Lovely that winter.



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