Honest about alcohol – the podcast

Do you know the podcast 'Honest about alcohol?' In it, Koos van Plateringen talks with known and unknown Dutch people about the role that alcohol plays in their lives. Some have deliberately reduced their drinking or even stopped altogether. But all of them took a closer look at their own alcohol use, because it was necessary. An expert is also interviewed in almost every podcast. Our own Martijn Planken also comes by a few times.

Dan Karaty (a well-known choreographer and a popular jury member in various Dutch talent shows) had had an alcohol problem for 25 years, until his daughter told him 'he didn't look so good' after a bad night full of booze during the pandemic. Dan decided to tackle his addiction and had himself admitted. Dan started drinking to suppress anxiety. A common reason to start drinking, by the way. You can read more about it in the article: 'Drinking away feelings of fear: rather not

Evi Hanssen (Flemish presenter, singer and writer who can also be seen regularly on Dutch television) decided to stop drinking alcohol 'for a while', because she was curious about what that would do to her. That 'just' turned into a year and she now says out loud that she no longer drinks. She even wrote a book about it. We interviewed her just before Dry January 2022 started. You read here the conversation we had with her.

In the episodes of Caroline van Eeden (house friend of the Meiland family) and John de Bever (former professional and futsal player and nowadays singer) Martijn speaks as an expert. He answers questions such as: 'When did you become addicted?', 'Why is quitting so difficult?' and 'Why do you sleep better if you don't drink alcohol?' Questions that many people ask themselves and the answers to them are very enlightening.

In addition to these guests, Koos interviews many more people about their alcohol use. Since the holidays are coming - or maybe you are already enjoying a well-deserved holiday - is this a good time to start a new podcast?

You can find all 'Honest about alcohol' episodes on podcastlisten.nl.



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