Dry Dating in Dry August

Especially for all the dating singles among us: Dry Dating is the dating trend of 2022. So nothing no drinks at home against the nerves, a cocktail to break the ice, a beer against the thirst because of all that chatter and a dash of brandy in the coffee because you both like it. No, dating in 2022 is your sandwich sober. And that has its advantages.

Most (first) dates take place in a cafe where you have a drink together. A glass of alcohol is quickly ordered and so nice to suppress the worst nerves. However, it is recommended not to drink alcohol while dating, because…

  1. Wonderfully clear…head

Alcohol may suppress the worst nerves, (too much) alcohol can also make you looser than you actually want. Maybe you say things that you don't want to share (yet). By not drinking alcohol, you keep a clear head and you know exactly what you are saying and doing.

  1. you see what you see

Your judgment will also remain intact. After a few drinks, your image of your date can literally and figuratively get clouded. Maybe you like your date a lot more after so many wines or beers than without the alcohol… The next day you don't really know what you really thought of your date.

  1. Nice to be yourself

A few glasses of alcohol can boost your confidence, but alcohol can also make you overconfident. Stories are exaggerated, the volume goes up and you ask (personal) questions that come a little too early for your date. In short; you lose the real contact and your date doesn't get to know the real you.

Preparing for a date

That glass of alcohol against the nerves is not a good idea. But those nerves are there anyway. How do you deal with this?

  • Take the time to prepare. A long bathroom session and leaving on time keep the nerves a bit calm.
  • Put on something you feel really good in. And by 'good' we mean something fun and something comfortable.
  • Tell yourself why you're cute. Out loud yes. Because you're cute too!
  • Do a few breathing exercises right before you head out the door. It doesn't have to be anything difficult, just inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Repeat this a few times.
  • Have your date take place in a familiar place. A place where you know the people and feel comfortable.



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