Do you drink too much? Do the test!

July 5, 2021 / Topical / Background

Now that you pause it isn't im frag whether you drink too much. After all, you have decided not to drink for a while. To find out whether or not you are drinking too much when you don't take a break, there are various tests available on different websites. We list them for you.

Do you want to know whether your alcohol consumption is in the danger zone? Then take the test You will receive an appropriate answer based on the score. You can also follow an online training about 'stop drinking' via this website. This e-learning is free and anonymous.

on you will find a test consisting of ten questions. After taking the test you will immediately see the results. Also check the page right away 'facts about alcohol'. Here you can read interesting information about, for example: 'Anxiety and alcohol' or 'Work and alcohol'.

'Test yourself, how much alcohol do you drink?', you know the answer to this question in four questions on the website of Do you score high? Then you will immediately read more about tips to reduce / stop.


Are you curious about your knowledge about alcohol? Do it then here the test. And learn more about the effects of alcohol on the body, whether drinking coffee makes you sober again, whether women are less resistant to alcohol and whether you can tell from adolescents when they have drunk.


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