You didn't know this about summer

We close this week with summer facts. For example, do you know how many licks you put on a scoop of ice cream and at what temperature Wimbledon tennis balls are kept in the fridge? We come with answers.

We'll answer that first pressing question right away. You can enjoy an average of 50 licks from 1 scoop of ice cream in your favorite flavour. It's okay, right? That is why you should always take 2 scoops.

-If you spot a nice man in the winter, then wait until the summer to decorate. Men fall in love faster in the summer. That may be related to the following fact: men produce on average 30 percent more testosterone in the summer. Or could it be this: thanks to the vitamin D intake, the quality of the sperm improves and men are therefore a lot more fertile in the summer.

- Nice and cozy is not only cosy, it also makes it warmer. Where many people are together, the temperature rises by about 3 to 4 degrees. Therefore, it can be 7 degrees warmer in the city on the same day than in the countryside.

Wimbledon tennis balls are not just tennis balls. You treat them with care. The tennis balls in Wimbledon are kept in a refrigerator at 20 degrees. Not too hot and not too cold. Exactly right.

-Do you also like to sink your teeth into a watermelon? There is a good chance that you will not fill your belly quickly. A watermelon consists of water for 95%.

-Can you see yourself strolling down the boulevard as soon as the sun shines, while in reality you are typing behind your computer? You're not the only one. When it rains, we work thirty minutes longer and more concentrated than when the sun is shining outside.

-Short fuses and heated discussions. In the summer we are tied up shorter and not in our usual way. The sun not only makes you tan, but also more aggressive.

Not only can we have less, it also makes us more impulsive. The sun literally and figuratively makes us a bit soft. If you come home on a sweltering day with a ridiculously expensive handbag or fishing rod, it's all the fault of that burning yellow orb in the sky.

-Some of us dream of it, the Eiffel Tower will happen. In the summer this wrought iron work of art grows by no less than 15 centimeters.

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