3 x alternative drink trends

An alcohol break is no longer so rare these days. With you, there are a lot of other people who put a temporary stop to their alcohol consumption. And then the great search for alternative and non-alcoholic drinks begins. Here you can read 3 trends in the field of alternatives.

craft soda

Forget soda. It is soda that strikes the clock. Tasty sodas. Sodas are on trend, especially the version without sugars. Think of small-scale sodas, organic sodas and sodas in the most fruity or spicy flavors. You drink them straight or you mix them with another drink. Et volià, a new mocktail recipe is born.

Lemonades and syrups

Is there anything better than drinking cold lemonade on a sweltering day or after you've given it your all while exercising? Trend number 2 has always been there, but continues to develop and is now considered 'full'. There are now handmade syrups and ready-to-drink lemonades without added artificial colors and flavors. So trendy and healthy!


This alternative has been around for longer than today, but is being embraced by more and more people. And that's not surprising because this basically fermented tea is low in sugar, very tasty and a real thirst quencher. Kombucha is a source of antioxidants, healthy bacteria, enzymes and vitamins that can support the functioning of your body. However, this trend is also accompanied by a warning:

Due to the somewhat higher acidity, it is advisable to drink a maximum of one 150 ml glass of kombucha. People with a sensitive stomach should be careful with this alternative. In addition, kombucha contains a very small percentage of alcohol (<0.5%) that is released by the fermentation of the sugar. So if you really don't want to consume any alcohol at all, leave the kombucha alone.







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