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News, tidbits and facts: we love it. Especially when it comes to alcohol. What has happened and what is about to happen? We will update you on the latest developments.

More blurring

With a new cabinet -Rutte IV- on the horizon, some preliminary plans have already been announced. Nothing is certain yet, but it is being discussed. The same goes for 'blurring'. The plan is to allow more companies to serve alcohol. Clothing and book stores, for example. Or garden centers and hairdressers.

It's called 'Blurring'. In other words, allowing shops to become a kind of hybrid between retail (shops in all shapes and sizes) and catering, or services (hairdressers) and catering.

In the words of the cabinet: “We allow mixed formulas by regulating 'blurring' in shopping areas in a responsible manner, while closely monitoring alcohol abuse.”


Drinks without a hangover: Nieuwegein has recently opened an alcohol-free liquor store

 Wine is called Vinada and instead of Amaretto you buy 0.0-Amaretti: the City Plaza shopping center in Nieuwegein has recently opened an alcohol-free liquor store.

The shelves not only contain non-alcoholic wines and beers, but also surprising combinations with ingredients such as ginger, fennel and thyme. Hot peppers make you feel them burning in your throat just like a real drink.

Figures from the Trimbos Institute show that people are indeed drinking less and less alcohol. Today, almost half of the Dutch population adheres to the Health Council's advice not to drink alcohol or to drink more than one glass a day. A few years ago, in 2014, the number of light drinkers and abstainers was 37 percent. So such an alcohol-free liquor store is just right?


UvA calls on students not to drink alcohol in January

The Dry January campaign has started at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and students are encouraged not to drink a drop of alcohol throughout January. The campaign aims to raise awareness about excessive alcohol consumption among students.

The campaign is in collaboration with the Central Student Council (CSR). Manish Jhinkoe-Rai, chairman of the CSR, thinks the campaign could be a fun challenge for students. According to Jhinkoe-Rai, a drink every now and then can't hurt: "But be aware of the consequences of large-scale and frequent use of alcohol." He hopes to stimulate this awareness with the campaign.




Alcohol als woonaccessoire

Wie dol is op woonprogramma’s herkent dit vast: barretjes vol mooie borrelglazen, een serieus goedgevulde wijnkast of beter nog: een (dubbele) wijnklimaatkast. Alcohol en interieur het lijkt een voldongen combinatie.…
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Boekentip: Alcohol Alarm!

Eerst was er de podcast ‘Alcohol Alarm!‘ en nu is daar dan ook het boek. Bekende Vlaming Evi Heyndrickx, podcaster, spreker, entert(r)ainer en mentor, vertelde eerder in podcastvorm al openhartig…
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