These Netflix series make the break into a party

Saturday night is just around the corner. An excellent evening to start a new series. Netflix will release new series in March that guarantee many relaxing hours. Add a nice couch, warm blanket and a cup of tea or chocolate milk to the tips below and you are guaranteed to recharge. 

Of course we don't want binge- encourage behavior, but every now and then it's nice to lose yourself in a series. Series king 'Netflix' comes in March with a number of new series that are nice to watch. In particular, we found series laced with drama. Don't forget the chips and tissues!

Historical Drama Series / Kingdom Season 2

In Kingdom we see how a mysterious plague plagues the kingdom. The plague is dangerous for the population. Once people get infected, they turn into monsters. Meanwhile, the Crown Prince not only tries to save his people from the plague, but also fights against the image of a traitor. The first season of this Korean series was an outright hit. And the second season was already shot before the first season could be watched (source:

American drama series / Self made: Inspired by The Life of Madam CJ Walker

The mini-series Self Made: Inspired by the life of Madam CJ Walker tells the incredible and true story of Madam CJ Walker, the first African-American self-made millionaire. Walker is considered one of the wealthiest businesswomen of her time, having been born the first free child in her family shortly after the Emancipation Proclamation. She has been called the United States' first self-made millionaire, although her net worth may have been less than that. Breedlove was orphaned at age seven; at the age of 14 she married for the first time. She eventually made her money by setting up a cosmetics and hair products company, targeting African-American women. She proved to have an exceptional talent for marketing, but is still remembered most notably as a generous philanthropist and activist, for example through her anti-lynch campaigns (source: and

German drama series / Unorthodox

The four-part miniseries 'Unorthodox' promises a spicy story about women's emancipation and perseverance. The Israeli Shira Haas, who is flirting with an international breakthrough, lends her sad glance to Esther Shapiro. An ultra-Orthodox religious cult and arranged marriage keeps that free-spirited young Jewish woman in a tight stranglehold. But there is light at the end of New York's oppressive Williamsburg neighborhood. And that light leads Esther to Berlin, where she aspires to a career as a classical musician after her escape. The German director Maria Schrader based it on the bestseller 'Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots', the staggering story by Deborah Feldman. No lack of credibility. The mini-series smoothly switches between English and Yiddish and filmed on location in the German capital (source:

A small selection of the films that are or will be added to the Netflix menu in March:

-Spencer Confidential

-Lost Girls

American Drama and Crime Series/ Ozark Season 3

Season 3 will see Wendy and Marty Byrde in action again. The family moved from Chicago to the Ozarks in season one, as Marty had to continue his money laundering business elsewhere. In the third season we see how things continue in the bleak world of the Ozarks, where Marty and his wife try to survive and the murderous bystanders try to make it harder and harder. (source:

Small recap first and second season: In the series Ozark, The Byrdes, along with their teenage children Charlotte and Jonah, form a perfectly average family with a normal life in Chicago. But as a financial advisor, Marty is at the forefront of money laundering for the second largest drug cartel in Mexico. Then everything goes wrong and they are forced to move to Ozark, Missouri. That's where they get even deeper into trouble (source:



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