The World Alcohol Free Awards are coming up

Non-alcoholic drinks are (literally) increasingly being put on the menu. In February 2023, a real first edition of the World Alcohol Free Awards will be organized. An international competition, which focuses specifically on non-alcoholic drinks. The jury consists of experts in the field of non-alcoholic drinks. Exciting!

This first edition will take place in London. It is not surprising that an international competition is being organized especially for non-alcoholic drinks. Non-alcoholic drinks are becoming increasingly popular. The World Alcohol-Free Awards has the ambition to become the global benchmark for the best non-alcoholic drinks. Alcohol-free means that the drinks contain a maximum of 0.5% alcohol and lower.

Different non-alcoholic categories

The competition focuses on the diversity within the non-alcoholic market: from non-alcoholic spirits to sparkling teas, from red wines, non-alcoholic beers to non-alcoholic cocktails.

The Netherlands is also an alcohol-free party

The judges come from all over the world, from buyers from supermarkets and retailers to journalists and influencers. Our own Mariëlle Timmermans represents the Netherlands as a jury member. She is the founder of Amavine, an online non-alcoholic boutique for consumers and the hospitality industry.

The registration for producers of non-alcoholic drinks is still open. We will get back to you with the results after the election. Then you know which non-alcoholic drinks were more than excellently appreciated by the jury.

Are you curious about the difference between alcohol-free, low-alcohol and 0.0? Then read this article.


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