Resist the temptation to drink alcohol

Now that you're on your break, you may be thinking more about alcohol than usual. Difficult, because you don't want to drink alcohol at the moment; after all, you have made an appointment with yourself. How do you resist the desire to drink alcohol?

An (annoying) habit often arises out of boredom or adversity. Dealing with a big disappointment or a big sadness seems easier when you drink a beer or wine (or 2, 3, 4.5). For example, over time, with every setback or moment of boredom, you may need alcohol to cope with this feeling. As your body gets used to alcohol, you'll have to drink more and more to numb those specific feelings. An addiction is lurking.

Even if you do not recognize yourself in the image above, you may find it difficult to leave the alcohol for a month. Are you a mild drinker? Then you might associate alcohol with relaxation, a treat, or something you deserve from time to time. How do you ensure that you are not tempted to drink just one glass? Because that can't hurt, right?

That's right. That can't hurt either. And no, you are not immediately a big failure if you decide to drink a glass of alcohol during your break period. But it would be so nice if you could put a stop to your 'lust for'. For yourself, for your body. Keep your cravings in check with these tips:

  • You notice that you become restless and that your thoughts turn to alcohol. Acknowledge that you have these thoughts. That's very normal.
  • Don't be fooled by positive thoughts about alcohol. Your mind is running wild and thinking only of short-term pleasure. Hang up notes in your house describing what you will win with this break. Better sleep, more money left, radiant skin, no hangovers, no alcohol blunders, more energy, more zest for life, better relationships with others and so on! Or a tip from an IkPas participant: fast forward the film. How do you feel afterwards? Disappointed? Unhappy? Nauseous? Drinking gives you nothing but an unpleasant feeling.
  • That feeling 'I have to now, because…' is not pleasant. Fortunately, this intense feeling often lasts up to thirty minutes. If you do nothing, there is a good chance that the feeling will decrease sharply within this time. You will also notice that the cravings decrease as your break period continues. Find distraction in that difficult half hour. Go outside, play sports, call a friend, grab your garden tools and go wild in your garden… anything that even slightly takes your mind off it.
  • No one is alone and certainly not during IkPas. Talk to family, friends, neighbours, your sports buddy, your card club, your friend on the other side of the country, visit our forum, talk to your IkPas coach: all contacts that can help you stay in control of your urges. name you craving and talk about it. It helps, really!




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