That's why relaxing is a must

Quickly run an errand, then go to that meeting, call so-and-so on the way, then have a meeting, cook at home quickly, then the administration, then fold the laundry and at 23.00 the light goes out. sigh. And then you also have to relax somewhere. Because that is necessary. Much needed even. Here you can read why. 

Just running is not good for a human being. By stepping on the brakes every now and then, your body can recover from all the daily efforts. In relax and rest mode, your muscles get a chance to relax, your blood pressure goes down and your breathing slows down. That conscious rest also benefits your immune system and your digestion. As a result, you get sick less quickly.

On, on, on isn't just bad for the body. You also suffer mentally. Your head needs to stand up every now and then. As a result, the creative thinking processes start again and there is room for positive thoughts. This makes you more interested in what you do and that in turn has a positive influence on your productivity.

A game of relaxation ensures that you feel better about yourself, look more positively at life, that you function better and it ensures a sunny mood.


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