Nijmegen versus Tilburg: the battle is on!

This year, during Dry January, IkPas will introduce the first battle between two great cities: Nijmegen and Tilburg. In the month of January, as many residents, students and employees of these two cities as possible put their alcohol consumption on pause for a month.

Several Nijmegen and Tilburg leaders have already committed themselves to the city battle. Mayor Bruls (Nijmegen) and Mayor Weterings (Tilburg) are participating. The Night Mayor of Nijmegen Cees de Beer and Bertine Lahuis, chairman of the board of the Radboudumc are present. Alderman Rolph Dols (Tilburg) has also joined. These ambassadors motivate as many people as possible to participate and of course go for the profit!

Nijmegen and Tilburg kick off

Why do Tilburg and Nijmegen compete with each other? Both cities are fairly comparable, with many students at MBO, HBO and university level and many active social institutions and companies. The battle can therefore become exciting in this city battle of which Nijmegen and Tilburg are the first.

Why participate?

You put your alcohol consumption on pause, because you want to take on the challenge with yourself. You participate in the battle because you like winning and a challenge. Also important: an alcohol break breaks through patterns and makes you consciously think about your alcohol consumption. Research shows that people who participate in IkPas sleep better, feel physically and/or mentally fitter and also drink structurally less after IkPas. It also makes it easier for them to say 'no' and save money. One third of the participants lose weight.


As a citizen of Tilburg or Nijmegen, do you want to help your city to win the battle? then sign up here, individually or with a team, in. Do you live elsewhere? Even then you can of course participate in the largest alcohol break in the Netherlands. then sign up here individually or as a team. Because you fit together!



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