August summer month and cinema month

It is warm. It's pouring rain. You almost blow away. Weather-wise it can go in all directions in August. But no matter how the flag hangs, taking a movie is always nice. So if you feel like it: the films below have appeared or will appear this month.

Paolo Conte / Documentary

Paolo Conte is an all-rounder. The Italian singer, pianist, composer and lyricist has been a famous musical personality for decades. The movie 'Paolo Conte. Via con me (it's wonderful)', stretches over a period of 50 years and is about more than just music. Let yourself be carried away by the most famous songs, major concerts and previously unreleased material. Experience the ups & downs of this well-known artist.


Le meilleur reste à venir / Comedy

One (Arthur) is a neurotic chemistry teacher, the other (César) a free-spirited womanizer who always gets into trouble. After a misunderstanding in the hospital, they are both convinced that the other has only a few months to live. They leave everything behind to make up for lost time and make the most of their lives while they still can. Source:

La Haine / Drama

La Haine tells the story of three young people of different origins (Jewish, Arab, African) in an anonymous suburb of Paris. The film follows the 24 hours in their lives that follow a nighttime riot in which a police officer loses his gun. It soon becomes clear that the Jewish Vinz has found the gun. As different as the boys are from each other, the three of them are united in their hatred of the racist police officers. With the knowledge that Vinz is carrying his gun loaded, it is time to wait for the eruption.

In 1995, the movie La Haine was released for the first time. After the major riots in the French capital Paris (2005), this second release shows that the hopelessness of the situation in which some find themselves has not changed much. Source:

The Suicide Squad / Action

Do you love action, action and more action? Then you have to see this movie. Belle Reve is the prison with the highest death rate in the US. The worst super villains are imprisoned here. And they will do anything to regain their freedom, even if it means joining the top secret and dubious Task Force X. Task Force X is dropped heavily armed on Corto Maltese, a remote island teeming with fellow bandits. To complete their mission of destruction, the Squad must travel through a jungle full of militants and guerrillas. Source:

Busy / Comedy

There is a theory that we should be born with a percentage of alcohol in our blood. That little intoxication opens the mind to the world around us, lessens the problems and increases creativity. Buoyed by that theory, Martin and three of his friends, all tired high school teachers, embark on an experiment to maintain a constant level of intoxication throughout the day. The first results are positive… Source:





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