Non-alcoholic drinks and snacks

Nothing beats a nice evening with drinks. You can enjoy this even when you take a break. We found a number of alternative drinks with matching snacks. Let those visitors come!

Sparkling tea

Who needs prosecco or champagne when you can also drink tea with a bubble? Sparkling tea, also known as speaking tea, is increasingly used as a 'gastronomic accompaniment' to dishes. A slightly sparkling tea is especially good with fish snacks. How about this accompanying salmon rolls with cream cheese?


This alternative has been around longer than today, but is being embraced by more and more people. And that is not surprising because this basically fermented tea is low in sugar, very tasty and a real thirst quencher. Kombucha is a source of antioxidants, healthy bacteria, enzymes and vitamins that can support the functioning of your body. Something sour combines well with a glass of kombucha. This snack of rye bread, old cheese and pickles therefore fits perfectly.

Adult soda

More refined flavors, less sugar and lower in calories, that's what we call the adult soft drink. Think of an elderflower lemonade, kefir (a kind of fermented milk drink) or organic energy drink. The rise of adult soft drinks has been trending for years. With a good glass of soda comes a chip & dip. Try this one warm corn dip with tortilla chips at sometime.

craft soda

Think a step further than soft drinks and you end up with craft soda. Sodas are on trend, especially the version without sugars. Think of small-scale sodas, organic sodas and sodas in the most fruity or spicy flavors. You drink them as they are or you mix them with another drink. Such a strong soda calls for a spicy snack. Sink your teeth into a piece of toast hummus with spicy herb oil. Yummy!

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