Alcohol marketing: this is how young people are seduced

Youthfulness and humor are two important pillars on which alcohol marketing is based. Young, healthy people in a funny situation immediately capture the imagination of a very large group of people. Including children and teenagers. Because it is important for alcohol producers that consumers come into contact with their products at a young age.

You may have never thought about it, but you have come into contact with alcohol products from an early age. Think of billboards with colorful summer drinks in which young, beautiful and healthy people seem to enjoy their alcoholic drinks. Or that funny beer commercial in which a group of friends toasts to each other and life while enjoying their favorite beer. The younger, the more brand sensitive.


Alcohol advertisers have jointly agreed not to specifically target minors. But thanks to the appearance of young, healthy, sporty people in the alcohol commercials intended for adults, the message 'drinking is normal and connects' also seems to reach minors. In addition, humor is a strong weapon. Not only adults can appreciate this in media messages, young people are also enthusiastic about this. And this is how the alcohol industry has designed its alcohol advertising for years in such a way that, in addition to the adult audience, it also attracts the youth audience. Only legal regulation can put an end to this situation, where people see and are told from a very young age that drinking alcohol is a harmless pastime.

The younger, the sooner

From various types of scientific research (for summaries of all major studies in this area, see:, shows that alcohol advertising has an effect on the drinking behavior of young people. Namely that they start drinking at an earlier age and drink more at a later age.




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