5 x out-of-the-box in your lockdown 

No terrace, no restaurant visits, no amusement park afternoon, no pool outing, no home party, no festival, no… well, nice then. How boring such a lockdown. But even in lockdown time, there are things to think of that provide life with an exciting impulse. For inspiration, you can read in which ways you give the lockdown a nice boost. This is part I. Part II will follow on Friday.

  1. Stay up all night for no reason

Why? you may wonder. Well, to raise your awareness, come up with big ideas or just out of rebelliousness. Because who says you have to lie in your bed at night?

  1. Make a ritual of sunset drinks

The ceremony of "aperitifs" does not have to disappear. The non-alcoholic options these days are great. Think of the tastiest leaf tea, drunk from a nice tea glass with a slice of one or the other. Or how about a special lemonade that you have made yourself? A non-alcoholic mix that you like to drink consisting of the most exotic flavors. And it might be a little over the top. After all, you want to enjoy.

  1. Dig your own digital rabbit hole

Life now takes place mainly online. Online meetings, online vrmibo's, online parties, online chatting, online shopping… you are simply online very often and for a long time. To find a little more magic there, head to online places you wouldn't normally get to. Take a look around in the NASA library† Look at Jane Fonda's Cardio Workout Videos on YouTube or immerse yourself in Jamaican good vibes with modern reggae artists.

  1. Roller skate, skateboard or scooter

The older we get, the more careful. We are inhibited and are afraid to let go. We almost forget how to play. In addition, there is almost nothing more gruesome than people who laugh at you when you do 'something crazy'. So be it so. Get yourself on wheels for once and fly downhill.

  1. Send a sign of life

Sending postcards to friends, e-mailing a quote from a favorite novel, texting a photo of your disastrous attempt at making your own sushi – it costs barely a cent and instantly puts a smile on the recipient's face.






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