5 x treat yourself without spending a euro

Enough about alcohol in the workplace. Time for something different. Because you are already looking forward to your second alcohol-free weekend. And that should be celebrated. Below you can read some tips on how you can spoil yourself now that you leave the cork in the bottle. And because enough money already goes to the energy company, these treats cost you absolutely nothing.

Have a pajama day

Or a bathrobe day, whichever you prefer. All day long you shuffle through the house with a 'coupe junk' and in your pajamas. No shopping for you today, no emails, no vacuum cleaner, no hassle. Just have fun. Read 2 books, watch 3 movies, take a long bath and a nap or something of course. relaxnnnn…

Sniff that fresh air

Well, a buyer perhaps, but boy a portion of fresh air can be a real treat. Borrow a dog from someone and take an extra long walk in the woods. It's just as nice without a dog. And it can be even more sporty, because running, mountain biking or rollerblading is healthy for the mind and heart.

Discover the city

No, not to buy the Zara empty of course. Take a look at the city calendar of your own city or a city nearby. There is always a free city event to be found. Or an exhibition that does not cost an entrance fee. To save on food and drink, take a bottle of water with you after you have eaten well at home.

Just keep breathing

There are many yoga videos and breathing exercises on YouTube. Check here yoga videos for beginners and watch a broadcast here in which you can learn simple breathing exercises gets explained. You will notice that fifteen minutes of yoga or ten minutes of conscious breathing already have a major effect on your 'being'.

Find your favorite people

Ask your favorite person(s) to come over or visit (one of) them. Reminisce together, cook a nice meal, look at photos from back then, paint that wall while the music is nice and loud (singing is mandatory!) or whatever you are good at together. No purchase can beat all those positive vibes.




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