0.0: good alternative or temptation in disguise?

Resolve yourself to not drink any alcohol this month. That means thinking about a fun alternative drink. For example, there is the 0.0 beer: no alcohol, but cozy. Or is that non-alcoholic beer not as harmless as it seems?

It seems like a smart move: replace your regular beer with an alcohol-free variant. You do not drink alcohol - provided you drink the 0.0 version. For example, during occasions where you would normally be standing with a beer in your hand, you can simply participate in the alcohol-free variant. Sounds good. Yet it is precisely that non-alcoholic beer that can increase the appetite for a real glass of beer.

0.0 makes it easier or more difficult?

By choosing an alcohol-free beer, you may be making it more difficult for yourself than necessary. The taste, the feel of the bottle in your hand; they continue to remind you of a real beer and can thus enhance the sense of alcohol. As a result, you prefer to go for a real beer during the next round. Make it easier on yourself and choose a drink that does not evoke any association with alcohol. First battle won!

Learning new habits

Another reason to think about whether an alcohol-free beer is a good alternative for you is to find out why you want to stop drinking for a while. Is it purely about temporarily cutting back on alcohol, or do you want to break the habit of drinking alcohol in certain situations? In the latter case, you may wonder whether grabbing an alcohol-free beer will ultimately lead to a real change in your lifestyle.

Do you want to cut down on alcohol and teach yourself new habitual behavior in situations where you would rather have a beer? Then look for new, tasty alternatives that no longer remind you of that 'normal beer'. Make it a sport to try as many alternatives as possible. Be surprised by everything that is available in terms of freshness with a nice bite!

Check our recipe page for delicious and thirst-quenching alternatives.

PS: Of course you and you alone decide whether a zero-point-zero is okay. Sometimes this alternative takes the edge off pausing. Do what feels right.


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