Why register?

As soon as you have registered, we will do everything we can to help you during the period that your alcohol consumption is on pause. After you register, you will have access to your own dashboard, equipped with a number of useful functions.

Register for IkPas!

Alone or in teams

Putting your alcohol consumption on a break is not always easy. We have good news! During this IkPas period you can participate as a team and take on the challenge together. This makes fitting not only easier but also more fun! When registering, choose “join as a team” and invite your friends or family to take on the challenge together. 


During the alcohol-free period you earn a number of badges. Every badge is a positive boost. Some badges are earned automatically, such as a 10-day break. You can award yourself other badges, such as a dinner without alcohol. Make it a competition with yourself and try to unlock them all!


In the dashboard you will also find a forum where you can exchange experiences with other participants. Experience shows that it helps to discuss with others whether you are having a hard time with abstinence, or whether it is going very smoothly. But of course you can also catch up on a new Netflix series.


In the forum you have the opportunity to share your experiences with people, but of course you don't have to. In the diary you have the space to entrust your own thoughts to the digital paper. Nice to read back later on how you experienced IkPas in the first few days!

IkPas Coach

A personal source of information that is especially ready for you. He or she will answer all your questions and assist you during the period that your alcohol consumption is on pause. They are all Professors of IkPas science.


With your alcohol consumption on a break, you are not necessarily dependent on tap water alone. In fact, in the dashboard you will find many recipes for non-alcoholic drinks. You will also find useful tips and useful facts that will help you to keep up with your break period.


The dashboard is your personal environment at IkPas. You can also fill in, supplement or adjust this as you wish. Think of a profile picture, but also how often you want to receive the newsletter and whether you want to receive a message when someone responds to a forum message.

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