Welcome to the IkPas dashboard, your personal IkPas environment! Here you will find everything you need to make your IkPas challenge a success. To make sure you have everything clear, you will find an explanation below about all parts of your personal environment.

Do you have another question? Then send an email to info@ikpas.nl.


  • Add up or count down

    One day feels different from the next and that's why we give you two options for a 'countdown'. You can see both how many days you 'have to' and how many days you are already on the road, simply by pressing the button with the arrow.

  • Reward

    A challenge needs a purpose, so what works better than a reward? Under the heading 'reward' you can set your own reward. First you answer the question about which drinks you normally drink on average in a week and then a question about how much you drink. The system will then calculate for you what you will save during your IkPas promotion. You can then write down what you want to save for with this amount and even upload a photo of your savings goal! Note: the system works with the prices of a drink as you buy it in the supermarket. This concerns a glass of beer for €0.60, a glass of wine for €0.60 and a glass of spirits for €0.75.

  • Badges

    Here you see an overview of the badges that you have already obtained, the badges that are most popular among IkPas participants and the badges that you can still get!

    There are two types of badges:

    • Badges that are automatically distributed
      Some challenges are rewarded because they are tied to a milestone. For example, the '35 days on break' badge. During your IkPas time we will award you these badges as a reward for achieving milestones.
    • Badges with challenges that you can take on yourself.
      Some badges have a challenge in them, such as the “I've been out for dinner” badge. You can redeem this yourself if you have had a night out for dinner without drinking alcohol. To do this, click on the gray spot where the badge should be and then click on the blue “I got this survival badge” button. Then share this success with your friends by pressing the Facebook or Twitter logo and let them know that you are not afraid of any IkPas challenge!

    You can deactivate badges by pressing them again. Please note: a badge that is linked to a certain date or day can only be picked up the following day!

  • My profile

    Under the heading My Profile you can change your details. Your name, age, gender and zip code.
    You can also adjust your preferences for the frequency with which you want to receive our newsletters. Would you like to hear from us every day? Or every 10 days? 20? Or not at all? You can also change your password here.
    For the forum you can set your nickname here and let us know if you want to receive mails when you post on the forum and get responses.

  • Recipes

    Throughout the campaign we will publish recipes for delicious non-alcoholic drinks to make yourself under this heading. Do you have a tip yourself? Then email us!

  • Your IkPas Coach

    Do you have a question about your participation in IkPas? Do you need help realizing your goal or do you want to share something else with someone who can help you? Then leave a message with your own IkPas Coach. An IkPas Coach is active in every IkPas region.

  • Diary

    During the campaign you can keep a diary. You can write a message per day, indicate your state of mind of that day with an emoticon and also indicate that you did drink that day after all.

    You can also post your diary entry on the forum if you wish. This can be done anonymously or with a nickname of your choice, this can be changed at any time in your profile!

    Note: the diary is only available in your dashboard and a computer, unfortunately not yet in the app.

  • Forum

    On the forum you can read messages from other participants and also post messages yourself. This is how you get in touch with your fellow IkPassers!

    Choose a category and a title and write your message, or comment under messages from others.

    You can post messages anonymously or with a nickname of your choice, this can be changed at any time in your profile!

    Note: the forum is only available in your dashboard and a computer, unfortunately not yet in the app.

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