Beet by beet

A tasty water recipe for red meat dishes.


  • Yellow beet (1⁄2 sliced and grilled)
  • Beetroot (1⁄2 sliced and grilled)
  • Horseradish (3 pieces of 1⁄2 cm grilled)
  • Rosemary (1 sprig)
  • Tap water (1 liter)

Preparation method:

  1. Wash the beets well so that they are free of sand.
  2. Cut the beets (red and yellow) into wedges with the leaves still attached.
  3. Grill the raw beetroot wedges on both sides so that the grilling effect is clearly visible.
  4. Wash the horseradish pieces well so that they are sand-free.
  5. Grill the raw horseradish slices on both sides so that the grilling effect is clearly visible.
  6. Place the grilled beetroot wedges and horseradish slices in the carafe.
  7. Crush the rosemary leaves by gently striking them with the back of a knife to release the flavors.
  8. Place the sprig of rosemary in the carafe as well.
  9. Add some ice cubes and fill the carafe with cold tap water.


You can buy beet juice and make ice cubes from it. Gives a nice effect and also gives extra taste!

A delicious recipe from Brabant Water.


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