Ice tea – 1

In the summer a cooling thirst quencher, but also in colder seasons a nice drink: ice tea. Tea sommelier Barbara Veldhuizen van Tea Street gives us two recipes.

Recipe for ice tea (cold brew)

  • 2 grams Old school earl gray per cup in a sieve (do not use a tea egg, the tea does not have enough space in it)
  • Add cold water
  • Add any fruit (orange, peach, strawberries, depending on the season and your preference)
  • Leave it in the fridge overnight
  • Remove tea

ready to drink


Ice tea recipe (quick preparation)

  • 2 grams of rooibos dissolved in paradise per 125 ml of hot water (half a cup)
  • Because you dilute the tea with the ice cubes, you prepare the tea extra strong
  • Let it pull
  • Add ice cubes
  • Add fruit or guava syrup if desired

ready to drink


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