Happy Drinks: Danger

This is really a group drink. Who dares? Danger are three flavor shots per person. Drink each glass in one sitting. For example, start with the coriander shot (bitter), then the orange shot (sour) and finally the peppered forest fruit shot (hot). Don't quit halfway. Continue. It is a true taste adventure.
This is really intense. You go through the Taste Paradise, but end up in a Taste Hell.

Category: Strong


• Hot: 45 cc red fruit juice with 1/8 – 1/4 chili pepper (depending on
the strength of the pepper)
• Bitter: 25 cc Tonic, 20 cc grapefruit juice and 10 coriander leaves without
• Acid: 30 cc orange juice, 10 cc lemon juice and 5 cc apple cider vinegar

Note: The exact amount of the drinks depends on the exact size of the shot glass.
Glass: Each drink in a separate shot glass
Mixing technique: blending
Garnish: A chili pepper, a lemon wedge and a coriander leaf

Preparation method

Hot: Grind the chili pepper with white and seeds until very fine. This can be done with a stick blender (mixing the red fruit juice) or with a kitchen mixer (mixing the red fruit juice) or mortar. When using a mortar and pestle, mix the red fruit juice after rubbing. Fill a shot glass to the brim. Garnish with a chili pepper.
Bitter: Puree the tonic, grapefruit juice and the stemless coriander leaves with a hand blender or with a kitchen mixer. Fill a shot glass to the brim. Garnish with a coriander leaf.
Acid: Mix the orange juice, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Fill a shot glass to the brim. Garnish with a lemon wedge.
Serve the three glasses on one dish. One bowl is for one person. The three glasses together are the Happy Drink Danger.

TV chef Pierre Wind developed Happy Drinks: It's not soda, it's not alcohol, it's alcohol-free with a kick. A new category in the alcohol-free range.
During the IkPas 30-day campaign, Pierre visited the Radio Veronica studio and made 3 Happy Drinks for DJ Lindo Duvall as part of IkPas. Check it out here movie!


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